Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants By Ann Brashares



Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was a great book for a book club. It was a great book for a group of girlfriends to come together and read this book. Carmen has a pair of jeans that she bough at a thrift shop. The night before they all go on vacation all the girls try on the pants. (I know right, sounds stupid and like little girl drama) All the girls fit in the pants, they decide that their magic pants(Ya…). They all go on vacations and pass around the pants and write memories on them, (good and bad). The beginning was terrible and it was little girly jokes and stuff. Then they go on their “adventures.” It was good. The adventures were funny, humorous and enjoyable. Overall it was an okay book.

Rating: * * *

Audiences: 10-12 (after that people might not enjoy it.)


Charlie St. Cloud By Ben Sherwood


charliestcloudCharlie St. Cloud was an amazing and touching book about the bond between two brothers. When Charlie’s brother (Sam) dies Charlie’s world walls apart. His whole life is put on hold, his life revolves around his dead brother. This story pulls on every heart string. It is a story about love and fighting between family and a lover. Sherwood gives just the right amount of everything. This book made me think, it made me think about my family, about what lengths I would go to for them, and how much I love them. Each character is realistic and relatable. I did have a little trouble getting past a few parts that dragged on, but Sherwood recovered quickly. I mostly enjoyed the connections between characters and the long history between characters that is gradually uncovered. I enjoyed reading this book very much. If I were to change anything it would be the length. I think some things did not need to be in there.

Rating: * * * *

Audiences: all ages read above 14. It’s a great book, but some actions are a bit suggestive

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck


of_mice_and_menOver the past week I read a classic, Of Mice and Men. The book is about two men, George and Lennie who travel together for work and everything else. George was left with Lennie when Lennie’s Aunt Clara died. Lennie is mentally challenged but is a great worker. But his rough past makes it hard for the two of them keep their jobs. The book takes place at their new job at a ranch. Each characters personality is so real and foreshadows actions which I enjoyed.  It got off to a rough and sluggish start. The first couple chapters were setting the scene and were long and dragged out. But as the book went on it got better. The plot thickened and I was on the edge of my seat. Although some of the language and suggestions were a bit over my head I enjoyed the book.

Rating: * * * 1/2

Audiences: Anywhere from 13-adults it’s a good rainy day read but might be a little to mature for some readers


No Shame, No Fear By Ann Turnbull


0763631906No Shame, No Fear is a romance novel. It’s based on two teens from different worlds. Susanna is a young quaker who is working for a print shop owner to support her family. William is a rich anglican who has his whole life planned out for him. One day they meet and it’s love at first sight. But this relationship is destined not to survive. I liked this novel technically. I loved the language and descriptions they used. But I personally am not a big fan of romance novels. I think it’s annoying that in romance novels it’s the same. Two people fall in love, one obstacle, happily ever after. But in this novel Turnbull changed it up a bit, and I appreciated that. I probably wouldn’t read the next book in the series.

Rating: * * *

Audiences: Middle School Students (there is so questionable language and certain motions that are used to set the time period)

So Not Happening By Jenny B. Jones


So Not Happening is a very detailed and favorable book. It’s a realistic fiction/mystery/thriller all rapped up in one. Bella, (the main character) is pulled into a new family when her mom gets remarried. Bella’s life is totally flipped around. She is taken from her spoiled NYC life with her dads unlimited credit card, boyfriend, and private school and shipped to unglamorous Truman, Oklahoma with two step-brothers, farm animals, and no unlimited shopping. Former blogger at her old school, she posts a new blog on how dreadful her new peers are. What else can go wrong? A lot!!!!! Mystery is now brewing right under Bellas nose. Bella uses her reporter/blogger skills to investigate. Football player committed suicide last year and another one bedridden. Whats up with that? Bella will find out. As they say, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I liked this book because it was relatable to teenagers and it had a twist. I never expected this book to have a mystery intwined into it.

Ages 13-15+

Rating: * * * *  (I became a little bored when they really took their time solving the mystery.)

To Catch a Leaf (#12 in the Flower Shop Mystery Series) By Kate Collins


To Catch a Leaf was an AMAZING book. The story line was thick and juicy. The mystery was not expected and very involved. I LOVED it! Kate Collins is a detailed and interesting writer. She made the book come alive. Between the mystery and Abby Knights engagement it was funny and thought grasping. To Catch a Leaf is a thrilling mystery about a millionaire who is killed. Abby Knight and her italian fiancé Marco Salvare are on the case. When the millionaire’s will is revealed to the family everyone is a suspect and everyone had a motive. Abby’s assistant Grace is the main suspect. Was it Grace, or was she just there at the wrong place and time? Abby is dealing with this case and her soon to be mother-in-law dictating her wedding plans. Also her cousin Jillian is sure she can solve the murder with clues from the movie To Catch A Thief. Will Abby pull through with all of her problems? Will the real murderer be revealed?

Rating: * * * * *

Audiences: 13-14+

Double Fault (Red Rock Mysteries book 7) By Jerry B. Jenkins & Chris Fabry


ImageThis book was not my favorite Red Rocky Mystery. I thought the plot and then story line needed more detail. It was expected I thought. This book was close to making me not read the next book. I did though enjoy the ending. It was the only surprising part of the book. I also did like the co-mystery about their fathers plane crash incident. This book was about a vandal at their local country club. Bryce Timberline was the top suspect. The story has nothing else much to it. It has a lot of friends turning backs and tennis match throw-downs. That’s really it though

Rating: * *

Audiences: 7+ It is a basic mystery for young sleuths